Our approach

Lionshead professionals act as an extension of Private Equity firms’ management teams at all stages of a deal, bringing insight, structure and execution bandwidth that ultimately unlocks value for your firm. From investment thesis development, through target universe composition, strategic due diligence and ultimately working with portfolio companies on improvement or integration activities, Lionshead understands and fits seamlessly into the PE operating model.


  • Virtual Operating Partnersm – Improving operational and financial performance of portfolio companies by deploying pragmatic and proven toolkit for quickly assessing issues and executing solutions. Typically under a project fee + management stake or success fee arrangement.

  • Portfolio Review – Assessment of companies in the portfolio to identify cross-business efficiency and synergy opportunities. Under a fixed monthly retainer.

  • Strategic Due Diligence – Assistance in evaluating a target. We start with the mindset of "what do we need to believe in order to make the deal make sense", and allow those elements guide our diligence activities. Areas evaluated are typically management effectiveness, market dynamics, competitive landscape, commercial environment, operational and supplier ecosystem, and forecast pressure testing. Typically results in not only assessment of key deal drivers, but also input into term sheets and an improvement portfolio to be executed post-deal. Under a monthly retainer.

  • Investment Thesis Development – Assistance in developing or refining an overarching investment play. Getting the thesis right drives all other investment activity, including fund allocation, target identification, and hold durations. Carefully scrutinizing market and competitive dynamic assumptions often leads to a more refined play, better understanding of the downside risk as well as potential upside, a shift in approach, or setting the thesis aside in defference to others with better prospects. Under a monthly retainer.

In addition to these services, it may be the case that a portfolio company would benefit from our service offerings geared toward Companies.