Our approach

Principals at Lionshead have been involved in complex commercial negotiations on matters totaling more than US$10 billion in value. Each matter has been “make or break” for our clients, involving complex topics and often multiple stakeholders. We work with our clients to architect the approach to the negotiation and integrate roles and messaging across those on our side of the table.

In “combative” matters (e.g., contractual resets, workouts), our unique approach pursues triple tracks of strict contractual rights enforcement, settlement discussions and litigation. We coordinate multiple stakeholders with misaligned interests, interface with outside counsel, and engage domain experts to underscore leverage points, as needed.

On more consensual matters, (e.g., asset acquisition campaigns), we develop negotiation themes, set the cadence to discussions, coordinate messaging to counterparties to reinforce our leverage points, and back up our positions with analytic rigor.


  • Contractual modification (e.g., term resets, workouts)

  • Contractual disputes (e.g., mediation, arbitration, litigation support)

  • High-value, heavy asset acquisition campaign management (e.g., aircraft, PP&E, long-term maintenance contracts, etc.)

Lionshead typically engages in work of this type under a project fee + contingency arrangement.