Our approach

Frequently, senior executives face a series of operational, commercial and strategic leadership issues that are too loosely-defined for a project, yet important enough that the leader would like a “professional-grade” sounding board with whom to discuss the issue, explore the options, and develop a plan of action. Lionshead created Business Mentorsm services to provide leadership team members with a means of engaging Lionshead on these types of informal yet important topics.

Often, without a trusted advisor, options are overlooked, objectivity is compromised, or the “plan of attack” is left to chance. In addition, as a result of Lionshead’s network of contacts in the banking, private equity, legal and corporate community, options may be available to address issues that you had not previously considered.

Your advisor gets proactively involved in the process of understanding where your most pressing issues are, and is always just a phone call away. Typically, your advisors participates in the management routine of your company. For example, your advisor would typically participate in management meetings, board meetings, executive staff meetings, and the like. In addition, with your approval, we may play an active role in discussions with third-parties, such as financing companies, business partners, suppliers or customers at your request. Lionshead’s guiding principles for Business Mentorsm services are:

  • The type of advise offered through Business Mentorsm services is informal in nature; that is, the issues are not sufficiently defined to charter a formal project; and,

  • When performing these services, Lionshead acts in an advisory capacity to you, the business owner or executive; that is, your advisor is not acting in an official capacity for the company, but rather is a resource for you in carrying out your role in the company.

At times, through discussions developed in the course of Business Mentorsm services, a specific project or initiative will be identified. When this occurs, Lionshead will assist by proposing separate project-specific terms for our support, or will work with you to find a suitable firm qualified for the project.

Business Mentorsm services operate on a retainer basis.